Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shimmery Blue W/A Cut Crease

This was done on the same night I did the other cut crease look on my blog. It was late!! I hadn't messed too much with blue shadows and so this was a perfect time to play makeup. I think more purple underneath would have looked better too. Or maybe a brighter purple?

I used NYX Jumbo Pencil all over and my Manly 120 palette for all the colors. I used the shimmery white on my lid, a very shimmery blue to cut the crease and fill it in, then a shimmery black color to define the crease some more.

This was fun. I hadn't done any looks with my crease cut higher in a long time and I loved the eyeshadow placement. I plan to keep trying this with other colors until I've perfected it. =-) Till next time!


  1. oooOoo so pretttttttty.. love it

  2. Beautiful! Your liner is perfect!! x

  3. This is stunning. You always apply your eyeliner perfectly.

  4. Super pretty! Beautiful cut crease colors and great eyeliner :)

  5. Sp pretty!! You have really nice eyebrows btw! Great post:)

    1. Ty! My brows are very problamatic believe it or not- so that's always a compliment! =-)