Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Baby- A Pregnancy Blog. =)

16 Weeks

This is a very non-makeup blog post. I wasn't sure about uploading this, but why not? I'm so proud of being pregnant and I'm excited about sharing this little guy with you all. As of yesterday I am 18 weeks and this was my sonogram pic which was two weeks ago. I found out that day that not only was my baby a boy, but I got to see how much he's grown and it's amazing!!

His legs in this pic were crossed/folded so you can't see how long they are- but I can promise they are huge. I haven't gone on a baby clothes shopping day yet- but I've been eyeing baby clothes for the last few months. My husband refuses to buy anything unless I've checked reviews/recall reports on things. So I've just postponed it until I'm sure what I'm going to get. I'm dying to buy his first onesies!!

My pregnancy hasn't been that horrible to me. I did have morning sickness a couple of weeks but never threw-up. My hubby did on the other hand. Actually, he's had more cravings and symptoms than me!! Up until recently I started getting a little bit of acne which I'm so sad about because it was something I had struggled for years and it's back!! I've slowly been developing lower back pain and have had massive headaches here and there that have kept me up at night. My hair has also been falling out like there's no tomorrow- but amazingly has grown out twice as much. I have so much new growth! I'm considering letting my hair grow out to it's natural color for once just because I'm enjoying seeing how healthy my roots are. There's other symptoms I have had but nothing to discourage me.

What's exciting about all this so far- quickening! Two weeks ago I started feeling the tiniest thumps in my lower tummy and since I've been waiting for them to get stronger so I can share the joy with the family. My husband's put his ear on my tummy when it feels like the baby is moving around and he says he can hear it, so- I'm excited about that too! I'm anxiously awaiting the big baby bump.

I'll be having another doctor's visit next week as I have every three weeks. It always feels like an eternity waiting to see the baby. At the visit before this last one I got to see him in action. He was kicking up a storm!!  I'll be posting those pics below so you can see where he went from getting ready to kick to kicking with all his might! =-) 

About to kick...
13 Weeks
Kicking with both legs!

As you can see the difference in these pics- you couldn't see his spinal cord as you can the very first pic above where's he's grown so much. I hope you guys enjoyed the pics. I'm super proud of them!! Till next time! =-)


  1. aww sweet :D I just love hearing stories about pregnancies. and I have to agree, sometimes the husband is more prone to the pregnancy symptoms than the wife herself. I think it's because the husband is showing some sort of empathy toward the wife.

  2. aw YAY for babies.. Loved the pics. Im a sucker for anything babies, hope u post more about ur baby bump and all that good stuff :)

    I was told 4 time when i was pregnant i was having a boy...So I had bought EVERYTHING boy. I was in so much pain (ALL back labor) that when i pushed the baby out my mom smacked my leg and was like its a girl and i was so shocked all that came outta my mouth was "oh shit" lol. My doctor even had to double look. my sister and bestfriend went to the store and got me 6 girl outfits.. I was so glad my sister had a baby girl 6 weeks b4 i did. lol. I still put some boy sleepers on her when we were at home lol.

    1. Wow! Well I'm glad your sisters bought the baby girl clothes right away, but what a surprise! I have become obsessed with anything baby too. Its exciting! :-) will post more pics in the next coming weeks.

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    1. It is! I live for him and doctor visits to see him! :-)

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  5. Congratulations! That is so exciting! Just think of it as having a little assistant with you as you are doing your makeup. : )