Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Peach, Pink, W/Black Look

Hey everyone!! I'm posting this up and won't be giving an explanation as to how I did it- because there's a video!! This look was fun- and even though the black doesn't seem too blended- it did in person. I refused to use more black lol.

Today I am dedicating myself to reading a book  I started yesterday- I plan to finish it today. I'm like that. If I like it, I can't put it down till I'm done. Oh, and I did my tutorial near a window which is the best source of light and so getting the angle was a bit hard.

Watch the tutorial if you're interested in seeing me do this look. BTW- I made it up as I went with the colors I have. Sometimes I've noticed after I do a look there will be someone who has a similar one somewhere on the net. If I was trying to recreate someone's look- I would definitely give credit!! Thanks for stopping by again! =)


  1. its awesome to see some videos :D

  2. great tutorial! :D I need to have that peachy color too! :D it looks great!

  3. i really like to watch others do their make up on videos so thank you! and great colour combo, but i especially liked when you added the black!/Azure

    1. TY- I'm glad you did. I think it made a huge difference. =-)