Thursday, August 23, 2012

Meet Baby Junior! =-)

Sorry I haven't been online much lately- I usually get on Facebook or Twitter a little more because I have the apps on my phone but I haven't actually gotten online since I had my baby. I haven't worn makeup or gotten more than 3-4 hours of sleep a night either! So the only thing I can share are a few pics of the new man in my life- my son Junior!! =-D

I made a quick gif with a few pics- if you follow me on Facebook chances are you have already seen these and others. Hopefully once my baby starts getting more zzz's at night things will get a bit easier so that I can start up my makeup and blogging soon. Hopefully everyone has had a great month so far!! =-) Till next time!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Galaxy Nails Pt. 1

My cousin Michelle and I got together to do our nails a couple of weeks ago and she wanted galaxy nails. At first I didn't think I could- but after watching some youtube- I was willing to try and so happy I did. With a sponge tip and some dotting tools- we achieve this awesome nail look!

Colors used in the actually galaxy part with a sponge: coral, white, yellow, blue glitter, and Hidden Treason from Sally Hanson. All of this over a black base and white for the stars with a dotting tool. A thick clear coat and it was done. I cannot describe how shiny and sparkly this galaxies look like in the sun. They were gorgeous. I like them so much she did the same look on my nails- which is the next blog post that will be up soon. Hoped you liked the look- we loved it!! Till next time!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Panda Nails!!

My best bud Sarahi came over and I did her nails- Pandas!! They were so cute!! We took the pics without cleaning up the edges unfortunately- but they were so worth taking pictures of regardless. I used a neon green from Claire's as the base- two coats to be exact. 

Then, with White Out from Sally Hanson Xtreme Wear I drew on the panda's face and filled it in. With my dotting tools I dotted on black ears, eyes, and a nose. With a tiny dotting tool I gave the pandas some pupils.  One nail got a little messed up- (above) poor panda!!

She loved them and so did I! Hope you did too. =-) Till next time!