Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Treason & Hack Feat. Detrivore Cosmetics

This is a look I wore to my doctor's appointment on Monday- no makeup since.. =-/ I wore Treason on my lid over ELF primer and NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk. I used Hack in my crease and Whisper by Mark as my highlight.

Apparently I've just been hooked on my brown liquid liner by Wet 'N Wild because I've been using it wayyy too much. and ELF Mineral Infused Mascara in black. I used Peach Parfait from the Revlon Lip Butters which went perfect with this look!! Forgot to take a pic though. =/

Hopefully I get caught up on the blog soon. Again- I apologize guys! But I thank you for all the wonderful comments. They mean the world to me. =-)

What's Going On In My World Lately

Hey you guys! I'm really sorry my Detrivore review hasn't gone up. The last few days I've just been feeling super under the weather. Super! I have had the worst headaches ever and hardly any sleep which my doc says it's normal due to my hormones at this point in my pregnancy. Tylenol only goes so far... BUT! I'm excited about the baby regardless because I'm actually at a point where I've been feeling what they call "quickening" and OMG!!! I can't tell you how exciting it really is. Monday I went for a check up (a much needed doctor visit due to the headaches) and wow- forgot about the painful headaches when I saw my baby.

We found out we're having a baby boy!!! My husband is thrilled as you can imagine and the whole family is too. I was thrilled just to see my baby and know it's grown so much and that's so far he's healthy. I was willing to welcome boy or girl with open arms, but I can't say it doesn't make me happy that the hubby is thrilled. =-)

Either way, the plan is to catch up on my projects on this blog as soon as I'm feeling a bit better. I've still been getting on and checking out your blogs- I hate to miss them for anything! For now I will be posting up a look I did the day of my doctor's visit. I might even post up my sonogram pics and pregnancy updates soon. I'm so proud of them!!! But, we'll see...because this IS a makeup blog after all lol. Hope everyone has had a good week!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hemoglobin Ft. Detrivore Cosmetics

Hi everyone! The night me and my cousin hung out and unpackaged my Detrivore Cosmetics order- I ended up doing a fun 'gothy' look. I am in love with all the colors I have and can't wait to show them!! This though, is one of my favorites- Hemoglobin. It's a bright, but dark red and I used primer under and NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk on my lid to enhance the color.

I used one of the black colors from the 120 palette in my crease to darken up the look and Whisper by Mark. on my brow bone. Black pencil in my water line and under and I sweep a very light coat of Hemoglobin over it.

After that it was black liquid liner (I'm slowly running out) and mascara. I loved this color!!!! If I did go out at night I'd totally sport it but for day time I am definitely toning this down because I plan to use it!!

I had a lot of fun and again- will be posting up a video with the full review on all the colors I got from Detrivore Cosmetics. I really seriously am in love with the shadows and recommend you check them out! Video WILL be up this week. =-) Till then!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Treason & Psychopathia Featuring Detrivore Cosmetics

So-my cousin came to visit me yesterday and to give me a wedding gift (which was lovely) and I had just received my order of Detrivore Cosmetics. So... we opened it together and played makeup!! She actually did my makeup for me and this is what she came up with. 

The color used on the lid, which was a peachy gold, is Treason and the red that went from the crease up was Psychopathia. She did use a flat black in my outer v from the 120 palette. As my highlight she used Whisper from Mark.  I definitely loved this look. I promised a review on these cosmetics and after playing with them last night- I'm ready to show them to you!

Thanks again to my cousin Michelle for doing my makeup and will be posting up that review soon!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Simple Purple W/Taupe & A Quick Update

I am getting married tomorrow- I wasn't going to say anything but I'm really happy about it and was kind of dying to shout it out! =-) It's not going to be a big wedding, we decided to keep it simple with only our families and very close friends around. We've been together 9 years and have been engaged for the longest time. So tomorrow we are tying the knot!!

I have been super busy and haven't even being doing my makeup daily.. which sucks! But this is a look I came up with that I liked as my wedding makeup- except for maybe the liner. I'm not sure still how I'm doing this tomorrow- but I'm thinking it's going to be something like this. I used the Avon 12-in-1 palette to create it and from there used the purplish color with the taupe that's right in the middle. I loved it!!

So- I might be MIA for a few days, still not sure how busy I will be but there's tons of stuff I've got planned for this blog when I return. There will be a new makeup review on a new company I discovered with swatches, a henna for hair update video, and much more! I hope to start on everything soon so- till next time!! =-)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Glamour Doll Eyes in Dirty Jeans With A Touch of Bronze

I haven't done a look in a while with Glamour Doll Eyes in Dirty Jeans and I love pairing it with browns or bronze colors because this beautiful blue has a golden shimmer to it. I used a really pretty bronze color from a random palette in my crease and Wet 'N Wild Mega Liner in Brown.

I used used the liquid liner under my eye and tried blending a little bit of the shadow over it to soften it up. One tip to make Dirty Jeans really pop- use a mixing medium. Applied alone the color is shimmery but very translucent to my liking. I used it over LA Splash Splash Proof Sealer which makes the blue pop out and gives you even more shimmer all together.

I used Revlon ColorStay foundation in Nude on my face and for my lips I used NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm. Sorry about my lashes once again, for days they have been parting in the middle and I seriously don't know what to do to make them stop!! Hopefully this doesn't last forever... till next time! =-)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Reddish, Golden Breakfast

I am so behind on posting my blog. I take pics and do it with the total intention of posting, but this week has been so out of wack! If I only began to describe it.. lol. Since I had been using the 120 palette lately (and trying so hard to use it more often since it's been abandoned for a while) this look was purely done with it. I used a really pretty reddish brown in my crease and yellowish gold on my lid.

I blended the reddish brown onto the outer part of my lid and from there on just kept using all the lighter golden colors all the way up to my brow where I used a very thin line of white. I'm sure you cannot tell there is a huge layer of blended out golds going up- but in person in was shiny and super cute in the sun! I even used some of the left over from the brush in my tear duct and the reddish brown under my eye.

My lashes haven't been cooperating lately. For some reason, the last few looks I've done they just decide to split right through the middle. Oops- forgot to mention I used Wet 'N Wild Mega Liner in Brown and just a regular black pencil in my water line. (Which had partially disappeared by the time I took the pics.)

It was a beautiful look and I really wish you could see the colors better in the pics. Till next time! =-)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Third Blog Award- WOW!!

WOW! My third blog award! I think this is freaking awesome! I'm more than happy about this just as I was with the first and second awards, but now I just feel like WOW. =-) I have got to thank the amazing Beauty Makeup Addict for this award. I'm honored!! Click on the link and follow this girl- she's super talented and her blog will blow you away. 

Seven Things About Me:

  • I tend to watch a movie I like tons of times...
  • I like having a diary but completely forget I have one
  • I'm paranoid and nervous about not finishing things with deadlines, lol
  • I secretly love Kim Kardashian's hair and wish mine was something remotely close to it
  • I own many coloring books and love my crayons (me and the baby are going to have so much fun!)
  • Love nature and hope someday I get to climb a mountain- or at least get close enough to see one
  • I think I am a very forgiving person. Many times that works against me, but people deserve a second chance. 

There are three rules to follow,
  • Thank the person who nominated you with a link back to their blog.
  • Share seven things about yourself
  • Name your nominated blogs
I nominate this Award To:

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Memory Loss??? A Blue Experiment....

I did not pluck my eyebrows!! Terrible I know, but I had a rough week and last night was the worst. I'm not doing good health wise. =( But this I did a few days ago as a little experiment- how would a really bright color look in my crease? That was my challenge... lol.

  I used a gold color on my lid from a random palette (don't remember which) and this really bright blue from the 120 palette (seems I've been using it more often lately) and a dark gold pigment right over (sorry don't remember which one it was either). Memory loss???

 Either way, I liked it. It was different. Not the best in my humble opinion but it was a bright look- and I wore it to the movies that day. Probably one of the only days that was ok. On my lips I've got the Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait and no foundation- just L'Oreal Infallible Powder. It has pretty darn good coverage if you ask me! Hope I feel better soon-I'd love to get a tutorial out. =-) Laterz!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sweet 'N Simple

This was something I did for school today. I was going for simple and took out my Avon 12-in-1 palette for it. I used plenty of NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk to get the baby pink color to look brighter on my lid. That is the kind of eyeshadow that is so powdery, non-pigmented that you have to put something under to help build up. 

In my crease I used the gray shadow which is slightly shimmery so I just went with the shimmer and used the pearly highlight color for my inner duct and brow bone. Then, Wet 'N Wild Mega Liner in Black. 

To me, this was a 'blah' day so I didn't even try but when my man saw me he said, "Wow, that's nice." It goes to say, sometimes simple is better and as he said, "classy." Lol- Anyways, thought I'd share because his comment brought my spirits up a bit. Hope everyone is having a great week-mine's been nothing but homework! =-) Till next time.