Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rose Gold Nails

Yesterday my hubby bought me the Sally Hanson Diamond Strength Jewel Overcoat polish in Ring-a-Ding! which is the polish on the top at the far right.  He also bought me the Wet 'N Wild Megalast nail color in Sugar Coat because I thought it would look nice under the Sally Hanson glitter one.  Plus I had been wanting to try out these new Wet 'N Wild polishes since they are supposed to have an awesome brush- and they do!

I did my nails and toe nails the same to match. I  used two coats of the Sugar Coat above and three coats of the Sally Hanson glitter polish.  I had somewhat of a hard time getting enough glitter on so it took that much. One thing I have to say about the Wet 'N Wild polish was that it is so translucent that I didn't like it much with only two coats but I didn't want to keep adding more.  It took three coats on my toe nails so that it didn't look so translucent. I plan to try another color next time, I'm not sure if it just happened because it's such a light color. But I liked it regardless.

 Above I took a picture in the sun, and the other outside in natural light but without the sun hitting my nails.  I love the color of the flakes- it has rose gold, gold, and there seems to be a bit of silver here and there. LOVE!!!! Gold is my favorite color and rose gold right after...I am thinking of doing a look on my eyes to match this soon.

BTW: no, I didn't clean the edges before I took the pics lol- I was letting them dry completely. I get too excited to take pics with my nails that I never wait to entirely finish. Here I took a picture inside just to give you another angle in different lighting again. To me, it makes a big difference where and how you're looking at it. I did top it all off with one coat of Sally Hanson Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Clear. My toe nails look awesome with sandals now!! Hope you liked it- till next time!!


  1. Great look! I'm wearing the same kind of a look on my nails right now xx

  2. that's so sweet of him! and the nail polish looks awesome! can't wait to see your look! :D

  3. i got 2 of the new WnW polishes, and im still not sure if im crazy about the brush. thanks for sharing!

    1. It also depends on what you are used to using (nail brush wise) because I found that the brush is awesome to sweep once or twice but a little harder on smaller nails. Thanks for reading!! =-)

  4. This is such a cool combo! I love it!

  5. Wow!!!! Sally Hansen diamonds glitter is lovely. Nice combo.

  6. Thats so adorable of your hubby :D
    Lol, but this is such a great combo, he has good taste!