Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Quick Cover Girl Lip Perfection in Delish Review

I've had this lipstick going on a week and a half now and have used it...daily?? Yes- daily!! I'm in love... It's smooth, while it's on my lips it is creamy without a shiny finish- which matte is always nice if it doesn't dry up. One reason why I hardly use my Revlon Matte Lipsticks is because they are so drying- not this one!!

The color is the nicest nudish- peach on me. Not really peach, not really nude- just an in between and it's done such a beautiful job at it!! Will post up a look showing it on the next blog post. I have not tried any of the other colors, but this one has made me so happy since I'm so into natural lip colors and soft pinks.

Will I be buying again- YES!! It's so worth it. I paid about $6 for it and it has been worth every dollar. Plus- I like the packaging. It's nice and you get a preview of the color on the bottom part of it which helps a little (and makes it look cute) when picking out colors. Lasting power is what I consider normal- about 3-4 hours depending on what you eat/drink. On me, it stays creamy most of the time I have it on. So- love!! Till next time. =-)


  1. great color, I'd buy that for myself too, lol :P

  2. guess im going to have to check these out! Great blog please join my blog

  3. Pretty shade. Now what are you doing with your nails?? LOVE them!!

    1. TY! I have a post on them them if you check out my blog- a few blog posts down. =-)

  4. It's a very pretty shade, can't wait to see your swatch of it. :D And your nails!! I love them!

    Also wanted to let you know that I tagged you for the Versatile Blogger Award, you can check out my post about it here. :)

  5. haha and it's so mazing everytime one find such products one uses all the time! congrats to this lipstick! my everyday use for the moment is an intertube from shiro cosmetics, and i seem to grow a bigger love for shiro day by day. anyhow, my intertube is called forty cakes and is very pink, but very easy to apply and it stays on so well!
    oh and lovely nails btw!!/Azure

  6. Lovely shade...I've only got a few nude shade but they just work with everything! :)

  7. love the shade! been really really curious about revlon ever since the lip butters came out! i think it's time to visit the counters now! haha! thanks for the review!

    anyway, following you now! would really appreciate if you will visit me in my blog too! <3

  8. For a nude, the color really is very unique.

  9. I adore nude/pinks! This looks like a color i'd enjoy :)