Saturday, April 21, 2012

Picture Craze!

If I have you on Facebook, you've already seen these. I wasn't going to post them- but I truly love this app. It makes pictures look so nice and I love the vintage-y look.  I have it on my Iphone and it's called Pixlromatic but I'm sure you can get it on Android too. I love checking out Pinterest and Instagram once in a while too so if you have one- leave your info below and I will follow you! My Pinterest is and on Instagram I'm @iridescentcolors.  I don't upload too much- I get on more to check out other people's pictures when I do. All these apps are pic crazy! They can be fun to use though, and although some people might think they ruin photos- I think they are fun to play with regardless.  Hope everyone had an awesome weekend. God knows I needed the weekend to rest!! Till next time!


  1. awww i didnt know you were prego!! congrats!! and losing baby weight is not easy so don't give up after having baby :)

  2. You're so pretty! It's nice to see your face and not just your eyes! : )