Friday, June 8, 2012

I DO NOT Understand Blogger Right Now...

Ok- This may sound a bit off topic (makeup) but I got on to see my timeline here on who's updated their blogs- so I can check them out. Instead there is some message saying it's going to change and I have no idea where to check out updated blogs right now. I don't understand it!!! I'll be updating my blog in a while but can anyone tell me in "simple" terms what's going on? Lol- I'm lost. =-/


  1. dear, are you using the old dashboard or the new white dashboard?

    1. I think I was on the new one. Idk what happened but I can see the blogs now! =-)

  2. They are changing the layout of blogger I am still using the old layout i tried the new one and I didn't know not even how to right a new post. Anyway they will change permanently to the new layout in a few months i think hopefully i can manage to understand it :)