Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Reddish, Golden Breakfast

I am so behind on posting my blog. I take pics and do it with the total intention of posting, but this week has been so out of wack! If I only began to describe it.. lol. Since I had been using the 120 palette lately (and trying so hard to use it more often since it's been abandoned for a while) this look was purely done with it. I used a really pretty reddish brown in my crease and yellowish gold on my lid.

I blended the reddish brown onto the outer part of my lid and from there on just kept using all the lighter golden colors all the way up to my brow where I used a very thin line of white. I'm sure you cannot tell there is a huge layer of blended out golds going up- but in person in was shiny and super cute in the sun! I even used some of the left over from the brush in my tear duct and the reddish brown under my eye.

My lashes haven't been cooperating lately. For some reason, the last few looks I've done they just decide to split right through the middle. Oops- forgot to mention I used Wet 'N Wild Mega Liner in Brown and just a regular black pencil in my water line. (Which had partially disappeared by the time I took the pics.)

It was a beautiful look and I really wish you could see the colors better in the pics. Till next time! =-)


  1. oo lovely, i think i can pull this off for school :p

  2. aww sweety this is so pretty i love following ur blog

  3. you always do such amazing looks, even the simple ones! The thing about the lashes is very odd, the only thing I would suggest is a change of mascara? I sometimes find that lashes can be very hard to work with though :( Divas!

    1. Thanks Marvelle- and yes. The lashes are not cooperating lately. It could be the mascara- maybe a change will do some good. (& it'll be fun buying a new one!! lol)

  4. So pretty! I have trouble blending, and yours looks so flawless. :) Also, just wanted to thank you for following. Following you as well. :)

  5. even though the lashes ( and i really understand the feeling, but it looked real good like pointy lashes!), I really like the golden part in the middle of the eye! fab!/Azure