Friday, January 27, 2012

L"oreal HIP Color Truth Cream Eyeliner in Eggplant

I'm sadly watching Life As We Know It....again. I love these kind of movies, that make me get all emotional even though I think they are really not all that good lol. Anyways- on with the review!! I bought this the other day because I wanted to try it out after watching a youtube review on it. (Don't remember which one...)

It was a comparison on the Maybelline  gel liners and this. According to the review, this liner had much more pigmentation and also lasted a lot longer than the other one without creasing. I had been wanting to put my finger on a new gel or creme liner (just because) even though I don't need it... lol.

This bad boy comes with a brush- don't like it. It's too thick for me. I use the ELF Small Precision brush to apply this and it works wonders. The liner comes in a glass pot- I like it very much. The pigmentation is seriously great. This does not compare to the black gel liner that I have though. It's much creamier- much easier to apply. You just have to be a little more careful because since it's creamier, you could end up with tiny chunks on your lid.

It lasted all day- didn't budge. Now I did try it on my water line- I do not recommend this if that's what you need it for. In my water line it didn't last very long for some reason. See, because it's a cream- it won't budge after it's dried on your skin. In your water line- it doesn't get a chance to dry. That was a bit disappointing- but I still love it.

The post before this has me wearing it- so check it out. Till next time peeps- I got a very colorful look coming up- will probably post within the next two days. =-)


  1. wow, looks lovely! really love the color, I think I should buy more diff-colored liners, and this is one of the color that I might go for!

  2. Ty! I've been playing with different color liners and its been fun. :-)